Party Balloons

What is a balloon?

Party balloons or a balloon for that matter is a flexible bag that can be inflated with nitrous oxide, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, air or water. We all love the water balloons during the summer!  Today, modern balloons can be constructed from materials such as nylon fabric, latex, polychloroprene, or rubber and are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes.  Perfect for customizing to any event or particular use!

Balloons are used for a wide range of purposes.  We’re all used to them as decorative or entertaining purposes for special events and parties.  Yet they are also used for the military, medical treatment, meteorology, or transportation.  Anybody ever been in a hot air balloon?

Why are party balloons so popular?

There’s a reason they are one of the most universally popular party decorations at any event from a casual get together to a formal event. They just happen to be the cheapest way to add a dash of festive color to any party! Once you know about the amazing balloon package prices at Balloons ‘n’ Beyond Las Vegas, you’ll never seek out a party decoration store again.

Decorating with balloons

Balloon decorations are made with a combination of twisting and stacking techniques showcasing amazing creativity. They are typically used for decorating birthday parties, graduations, school events, corporate functions, and for other festive gatherings like weddings. “Stackers” are balloon artists who use round balloons to build all sorts of structures like arches or balloon trees.  “Twisters” are those who use pencil balloons to put together fun things like balloon animals.  We at Balloons ‘n’ Beyond Las Vegas are known for decor such as balloon columns/trees, table centerpieces, balloon drops, sculptures, and balloon bouquets. You should see the balloon castle we can put together!
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Due to increased popularity of balloons, the manufacturing and decoration techniques have become quite epic.  There isn’t an event out there that couldn’t have a customized balloon theme.

Why Do We Love Rubber Balloons?

Why do we love rubber balloons?

Las Vegas Rubber Balloons

From hot air balloons to balloon parades to the simple birthday balloon for a child, you end up brightening someone’s day.  Yet it’s the simple rubber balloons that we can’t get enough of.  You may ask yourself why are rubber balloons so popular or why do we celebrate any event with balloons?  Because they’re inexpensive, they defy gravity, and we can shape them into all kind of different shapes.  And who doesn’t like popping one every now and then to scare the heck out of a friend or colleague?

A Rubber Balloon’s Beginning

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The military first used balloons for transportation, ways of communication, as well as scientific experiments.  Then in 1824 a fellow by the name of Michael Faraday constructed the first rubber balloons in a laboratory, though they weren’t as close to the balloons we know of today.  It wasn’t until 1847 when British inventor, Thomas Hancock, used vulcanized rubber creating something stronger and more elastic than its predecessor.  In the late 19th century the New York Times published an article on the balloon’s industrial potential.  It wasn’t until 1907 that U.S. would start manufacturing balloons and throughout the 20th century they started to be used for business, party favors, balloon animals, you name it.  When the 1970’s hit, foil balloons came to be which were perfect for putting graphics and messages on them like “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations”.

Rubber balloons are here to stay

Balloons are a blast and they’re not going away anytime soon.  They’re as ubiquitous as flowers when it comes to graduations and birthdays.  Let alone anniversaries or showing a loved one that you’re thinking of them.

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If you’re looking to add fun to your Las Vegas balloons event, Balloons & Beyond Las Vegas is the one to look for.  We have what you need and we know our balloons!